Nonsense on Twitter – week of 1 April 2019


Template statement for law firms on innovation and legal tech

Version One

Strictly Obiter and Associates are excited to announce a new collaborative development with literally every legal technology start-up in the world.  This will position Strictly Obiter as a dynamic and future-focused incubator of agile and engaging workflow systems.

We are motivated to centre ourselves as a change-agent for innovation; seeking synergies as we strive to be a catalyst for groundbreaking, cloud-based paradigms that will produce operational efficiencies for our clients.

In addition, internal processes will see us partnering with clients to augment an experiential and design-driven, user-centred approach to our work.  We will streamline,  and be an agile new player in sectors such as fintech.

Machine-learning will position us as a market leader through a transformational approach to understanding our metrics.  We are pivot-ready.  This is an audaciously non-linear approach and the sense of intentionality that we bring to this disruption of our legacy systems is second to none.

We will cast off the chains of pen and paper and bind ourselves with blockchain.  Our peer-to-peer systems are peerless.  Blue-sky thinking has led us to the Cloud.  We are replacing our sense of discovery with a sense of e-discovery.  Every man must have a code, and ours is Code.  We are making a hard drive towards the future.

Aggregated experiential platforms will transform our networks.  Non-static will be our watchword as we seek efficiencies in an iterative way to overcome our clients’ lived problems.  Smart analytics and algorithms will see us metamorphose into an agile firm, supplemented by automated cybersecurity protocols.

The future is now, and Strictly Obiter and Associates is proud to lead the way.


Version Two

We started using Dropbox for our client documents.

Opera singer or lawyer?

I’ve always been amused by the moody lawyer profile shot, sometimes accompanied by  shadows playing across the face and a gaze fixed squarely on the middle distance.  They aren’t just lawyers, they are Cool Guys (NB people of all genders can be Cool Guys).  Below are ten photos.  Five are New Zealand lawyers, and five are opera singer profile photos.  Can you pick which is which based solely on the style of photography?

Candidate 1


Candidate 2
Candidate 3
Candidate 4
Candidate 5
Candidate 6
Candidate 7
Candidate 8
Candidate 9
Candidate 10

Answers below!











Baritones and sopranos: 2, 5, 7, 9, 10.

Barristers and solicitors: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8.

Alternative law-related names for famous artworks

Salvador Dali’s “I am not very good at time recording.”
Last supper2
Da Vinci’s “Late night at the office before they abolished the working late dinner allowance.”
Da Vinci’s “Expression of a judge who doesn’t say anything during your entire oral submissions.”


American Gothic.png
Wood’s “The partners are pleased to announce this year’s salary increases.”
Gericault’s “Russell McVeagh post-Bazley Report.”
Da Vinci’s “We certify for second counsel.”
Picasso’s “Cross-examination done well.”