New Zealand Law’s Tile Guide

Flooring has long played an important role in legal analysis.  After all, it is difficult to step through a piece of legislation if you don’t have anything to step on.  Until now, though, New Zealand judges and practitioners have lacked a centralised means of identifying and cataloguing flooring tiles in courthouses around the country.  The result is anarchy, frankly.

That ends today, with the advent of the New Zealand Law’s Tile Guide.  The Guide, which is not yet comprehensive, identifies tiles by their nature and quality and provides individual photographic examples.  Practitioners wishing to identify photos of flooring in a range of New Zealand courts can now refer to this Guide.  The author has been assisted by an elite cadre of volunteers from across the country.  In time, it is hoped it can be  expanded to cover all New Zealand courts, apart from Blenheim which apparently doesn’t have any.  Further contributions are welcomed via Twitter.


The Supreme Court – cold, polished, calming


Auckland High Court – reliable, echoey, seen it all before


Wellington High Court – pale, clammy, marble on meth


Kaikohe District Court – carpet tiles, welcoming, socks and sandals


Auckland District Court – workaday, faux slate, oh-so-grey


Manukau District Court – a job to do, solid, does what it says on the tin


Hamilton District Court – varied palette, high sheen, Gloria Jean’s


Wellington District Court – beachy, tectonic, someday my prince will come


Invercargill District Court – flinty, frost-hardy, southern



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