Strictly Obiter Alert Level 4 Quiz – Friday 20 August 2021

For your lockdown distraction. Ten questions per day. Posted in the morning before work. Answers added to the end of the post around 3pm (work dependent).

1. What links a Radio New Zealand Wallace, a Homer who is smiling politely, Kororareka, and the longest-serving current Associate Judge of the High Court?

2. Who is the author of this, the best signature in the New Zealand judiciary?

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 9.41.38 PM

3. Fountains of Wayne sang about an unusual specialisation in the law. The singer is “heading for the sun” and is “gonna become” what type of lawyer?

4. What is the “dustbin of laws”?

5. What chambers in New Zealand has the most Queen’s Counsel?

6. The name of the new model for the District Court – Te Ao Mārama – comes from the concept Te Pō Ki Te Ao Mārama. What is the English translation?

7. How many databases are there on NZLII today: 206, 216, 226?

8. Which President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom had a degree in chemistry?

9. Identify these cities by their High Court registry code: 404, 485, 409.

10. Why will the Supreme Court always grant leave to hear cases involving the Chief of the Defence Force?

Answers now below.

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Answers. 1: Wallace Chapman, Homer Simpson, Kororareka aka Russell, Associate Judge Bell (all first names of large corporate law firms). 2: Powell J, the John Hancock of New Zealand legal documents. 3: California Sex Lawyer. 4: The law of tort, according to Winfield and Jolowicz. 5: Shortland Chambers, I’m pretty sure. You can’t move for silk in there. 6: The transition from night to the enlightened world. 7: 206. 8: Lord Neuberger. 9: I was nice to you – they’re the big ones: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Meaner questions about registry codes will follow in the future. 10: Why, because the Supreme Court will always grant leave to matters of General importance, of course.

A break over the weekend for all of us, but back for more questions on Monday. Stay safe!

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