Strictly Obiter Alert Level 4 Quiz – Wednesday 18 August 2021

For your lockdown distraction. Ten questions per day. Posted in the morning before work. Answers added to the end of the post around 3pm (work dependent).


1. Who was the first President of the permanent Court of Appeal?

2. Is the classic case for recall Horowhenua County v Nash (No 2), (No 3), or (No 4)?

3. How many High Court registries are there in New Zealand?

4. Who is this Chief Justice?


5. Do citations of the Criminal Reports of New Zealand use square brackets or round brackets?

6. What business did New Zealander Geoffrey Lee carry on before he was killed in a plane crash in 1956?

7. What is “Selden’s gibe”?

8. What links the person who has the most appearances as counsel in the New Zealand appellate courts, the guideline judgment for sentencing aggravated robbery, and Thomson Reuters’ resource management law product?

9. What other place is the Chief Justice of New Zealand also the Chief Justice of? (If you are Dame Helen Winkelmann you are not allowed to answer this question.)

10. Professor Peter Sim was Dean of the Otago Law Faculty from 1968 to 1980. About him it has been written that “He thought it best to ignore requests for information from the University Registry, reasoning that a prompt response would merely encourage them to make further demands and that if it was really important ‘they would send someone over’.” What still-used textbook did Professor Sim co-author?

Answers now below.






Answers: 1: Kenneth Gresson. 2: (No 2). 3: 19, I think, but tweet me to tell me I’m wrong. 4: Sir George Arney. 5: Round brackets. 6: He flew a topdressing plane – he was Mr Lee of Lee’s Air Farming, the case about corporate legal identity. 7: It’s the whole equity varies according to the length of the Chancellor’s foot carry-on. 8: John Pike, R v Mako, Salmon’s Resource Management Act – fish link them all. 9: Tokelau. 10: Hinde, McMorland and Sim’s Land Law in New Zealand.

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