The second Strictly Obiter quiz for the recently-returned-to-work

Harrumph – I am back at work on 6 January.  You can see last year’s (better) quiz here, and its answers here.  The new (worse) quiz is below.  The answers will appear in a separate post in a week or so, after which several of you ingrates will point out things I have got wrong.


When did the Court of Appeal hear an application for judicial review sitting at first instance (and why)?  (I’m sure there were many but at least two “famous” cases were.)



  • a Chief Justice of New Zealand that was an Attorney-General; and
  • a Chief Justice of New Zealand that was a General attorney.


What word connects:

  • Heydon of “on Contract” fame, and a recent Master of the Rolls?
  • A legal positivist and a legal publisher?
  • A President of the UK Supreme Court and The History of the Pleas of the Crown?
  • A William of old constitutional significance and a Joanna of recent constitutional significance?


How many current justices of the United States Supreme Court share surnames with current judges of the District Court of New Zealand?


What is a DINLI?


Who or what are Ollivier, Bell and Fitzgerald?


Which senior court judge has been decorated for their efficiency?


Which senior court judge gets called the most names?


Name as many New Zealand case names you can with colours in the title (one point per colour).  It’s not enough to say “I bet there is a High Court appeal called ‘White v Police'”; you need to know it.


Judges of the High Court of Niue are drawn from which New Zealand bench?


There are two taonga on display in front of the bench of the Supreme Court of New Zealand.  The first is a waka huia.  The second is a silver inkwell that belonged to which monarch?


Who was the first New Zealand judge appointed to the Privy Council?


How many editions of Todd on Torts have there been?


According to Lord Denning:

  • Who offered the reproof valiant?
  • Where was it bluebell time?
  • On what street can you swear at a machine to no effect?
  • What was his bestseller?
  • What is like an incoming tide that flows into the estuaries and up the rivers, and cannot be held back?


In how many third-strike sentencing cases have New Zealand courts made an order that the sentence be served without parole?


Which judge decided Fitzgerald v Muldoon on 19 May 1976?


Which judge is this?




Why must the Crown Law Office deal with cases relating to shirts and trousers?


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