Advice on not thinking about law all the time

It’s important to have a life outside law.

Take up a sport.  Tennis at least means you won’t spend your whole day at court.  In summertime village cricket is the delight of everyone.  If sailing is your thing then you can find a place to partake with a simple dock identification.

Update your wardrobe.  Take a tailored discovery.  If you have four pairs of flat-fronted pants then pleat the fifth.  Change to boxers; amend your briefs.  Re-examine that old attaché and patch up the holes in your case.  If you have veils, pierce them.

Philosophy is another refuge.  I may not qualify as an expert but here’s my opinion.  If you focus on the leading questions the answers will soon be suggested to you.  Recall your wrong judgements.  Mistakes are common, and seldom unilateral.  True meaning cannot be found by only having regard to extrinsic things.

Give back.  Service can seldom be substituted.  An exchange of value is something you should at least give consideration.  Be the beneficiary of trusty companions.

If you can’t find a cause of action then strike out on your own,  even when it seems like there is little prospect of increased security.  And when you develop an interest, work to perfect it.  You’ll soon find yourself speaking in circumstances that attract confidence.  Set aside others’ caveats.  When you find yourself at a crossroads, be sure to look around, because after all it’s always best to observe in junctions.

If things look like they’re going to run away on you, don’t bail.  Turn to religion if you have to; plenty of people have been restored by the accounts of prophets.

There will be times when mercy won’t be your prerogative.  When people plead poorly, you do not need to respond.  And when things turn to custard, well, we’re not concerned with trifles.

It’s quite the undertaking.

But be unwaivering.

And above all stop thinking about law all the goddamn time.  It’s not healthy.

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