The Supreme Court’s pizza order

The Chief Justice, with whom Williams J agrees, supports ordering one large ham pizza. William Young and Ellen France JJ agree that one large ham pizza ought to be ordered but only if it is stuffed crust. Glazebrook J disagrees, preferring Hawaiian pizza, but would agree to support ordering a ham pizza as long as it has pineapple on it. Winkelmann CJ, William Young and Ellen France JJ join Williams J’s reasons explaining why pineapple ought not to be on pizzas. Williams J does not exclude the possibility of stuffed crust on pizzas with appropriate toppings but it depends on topping and is not appropriate with ham. Winkelmann CJ would exclude the possibility of stuffed crust under all circumstances. Glazebrook J would exclude stuffed crust unless the stuffing was pineapple.

Williams J would order fries as a side. Ellen France J would order fries unless all pizzas come with stuffed crust in which case there will be sufficient food. Given the view of the majority on stuffed crust, in this instance she supports ordering fries. The Chief Justice considers fries are more of a burger thing and that garlic bread is the appropriate side for most occasions of pizza. William Young and Glazebrook JJ disagree and write joint reasons how garlic bread is substantively similar to pizza on account of being bread-based and for that reason is not an appropriate side to pizza. However William Young and Glazebrook JJ disagree on appropriate sides. William Young J would favour cheese knots. Glazebrook J would order a small Hawaiian pizza as a side.

The Court was largely in agreement on drink choice. Glazebrook J supports ordering Pepsi because of the flavour range available. William Young J also supports ordering Pepsi but because it is one dollar cheaper than Coke. Ellen France J supports order Pepsi as long as she can collect the bottle label for the promotional sweepstake. Winkelmann CJ and Williams J express no opinion on choice of drink.

In accordance with the views of the majority the Supreme Court ordered one pineapple-flavoured Pepsi.

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