New legal trends for 2019

Out: Elias CJ (dissenting)

In: Winkelmann CJ (for the Court)


Out: Russell McVeagh partnership.

In: The independent bar.


Out: Queen’s Counsel.

In: King’s Counsel.





Out: Counsel in Concert

In: Legislative Instruments


Out: Palmer J on deterrent sentences for commercial drug offending.

In: Palmer J on the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009.


Out: Judicial appointment rumours.

In: Murmuring judges.


Out: Champagne flutes in law firm photos.

In: Gang signs in law firm photos.


Out: More Dotcom appeals.

In: More Dotcom appeals.


Out: E-Discovery.

In: Discovering E.


Out: AML suspicious transaction reporting.

In: AML auspicious transaction reporting.


Out: Ministry of Justice industrial action.

In: Ministry of Justice industrial inaction.


Out: New Zealand Law Society Gender Equality Charter.

In: Violent Feminist Revolution.


Out: Clean waterways.

In: Tainted jury pools.


Out: Memorial for Chambers J.

In: Tomb of the Unknown Jurist.


Out: Alternative dispute resolution.

In: Hipster dispute resolution.


Out: McKenzie Friends.

In: McKenzie Friends With Benefits.

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