Strictly Obiter Alert Level 4 Quiz – Tuesday 24 August 2021

For your lockdown distraction. Ten questions per day. Posted in the morning before work. Answers added to the end of the post around 3pm (work dependent).

1. Name a country that currently appoints King’s Counsel.

2. What links buzz, quarter, top, and attraction?

3. Find something unusual about Terpstra v Police available here:

4. Which current QC played a central role in the establishment and first decades of The Capital Letter?

5. Name an organisation with the acronym NZBA that appears higher up the list of Google results than the New Zealand Bar Association.

6. William, George, James, Robert. Who’s next?

7. There are two Justices France, and one Justice French. But which President of the Court of Appeal had Parris for a middle name?

8. Where does the Chief Justice rank in New Zealand’s order of precedence?

9. What song features the following?

(1) An electric guitar plays staccato (short, precisely articulated) chords.

(2) It plays at a moderate tempo of approximately 84 quarter notes (crotchets) to the minute.

(3) There is a steady duple metre.

(4) A four-measure (four-bar) harmonic template is established that runs unchangingly throughout the song. This template consists of two measures of D minor, followed by two measures of G minor (first inversion). The precise notes in the chords vary slightly, but the chords themselves do not – they are always D minor and G minor – and the note D appears in every chord, functioning as a sort of pedal point or drone, a constant bass to the music.

(5) At the end of each round of four measures, there is a thirty-second note (demisemiquaver) chord of A7 (in fact D/E/G, the A is not sounded), a flick of an upbeat propelling the music back to the tonic D minor.

10. Why does a flame pay for its own ticket to a popular play?


1: Tonga does – other answers accepted. 2: These are all synonyms for types of court: High, District, Supreme, Appeal. 3: A decision from the erstwhile Tokoroa Registry of the High Court – appearing once and never again? 4: Jack Hodder QC. 5: The New Zealand Bankers Association and the New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance. 6: Charles: Charles Skerrett, the fifth Chief Justice of New Zealand. As long as you can remember MAPSS MOB WDEE (pronounced maps mob wuh-deeee!) you can remember the CJs. But then you have to know their first names too, I guess. 7: Clifford Parris Richmond – photo below from this source: 8: Fifth, behind the Sovereign, the Governor-General, the Prime Minister and the Speaker. 9: Lose Yourself, as described by a witness and quoted by Cull J in Eight Mile Style LLC v New Zealand National Party [2017] NZHC 2603. 10: Because you can’t shout fire in a crowded theatre.


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