EXCLUSIVE: Five questions with the Supreme Court of New Zealand

Supreme Court


Strictly Obiter gets an exclusive lifestyle interview with the judges of the Supreme Court of New Zealand before they head off on a summer break.


Where will you be spending your holidays?

Ellen France J (for the Court): We would prefer to resolve this question in a case where it arises squarely on the facts.


What is on your summer reading list?

O’Regan and Glazebrook JJ (for the Court): We agree that it is summer but we propose to leave open the question of whether reading is appropriate.  We also leave open the question of what reading would take place if this Court held that such activity was lawful.


Which do you think has been the most significant case decided by the Court this year?

William Young J (for the Court): Our answers to the previous questions mean it is not necessary to determine this issue.


What will be on the menu for Christmas day?

Glazebrook J (for the Court): As we have not had the benefit of full argument on this point we will not address that here.


What is the secret to a relaxing break?

William Young J (for the Court): This dispute was resolved between the parties following the hearing before us but before judgment was issued.  Nevertheless it involves a matter of public and general importance such that the Court has determined to issue a judgment in this matter (continues for 230 paragraphs).

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