Moot problems what I done wrote

I wrote a bunch of moot problems this year for various groups.  They are posted below and you are welcome to use them with no attribution and free of charge.  I wrote guides for judges for the first two problems, and you can message me on Twitter if you want those.

I have confirmed with the various groups that I can do with them now what I want, including distribute them.  Alternatively, feel free to take the underlying issues and adapt the problems as you see fit.  PDFs should be able to be downloaded at the links below.


NZLS Young Lawyers Mooting Competition moot problem

Issue One: the meaning of “use” in the offence of dishonest use of a document.

Issue Two: the threshold for making enquiries of jury deliberations post-trial under s 76 of the Evidence Act 2006.


Auckland Womens Lawyers Association moot problem

Issue One: whether certain diversion agreements under the Police Adult Diversion Scheme are lawful in light of Osborne v Worksafe New Zealand [2017] NZSC 175 (see also this post).

Issue Two: name suppression following the granting of diversion to a young offender.


University of Auckland LAWS452 Appellate Advocacy practise moot problem

Single issue: when does litigation privilege expire?


University of Auckland LAWS452 Appellate Advocacy assessment moot problem

Issue One: the enforceability of a no-oral-modification clause in light of the UK Supreme Court’s decision in Rock Advertising v MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd [2018] UKSC 24 (problem predicated on difference in approach between Lord Sumption and Lord Briggs).

Issue Two: whether consideration required for a variation of a contract and whether receipt of a practical benefit is good consideration.

Leave judgment granting appeal direct to Supreme Court.

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